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City Visitors Have Their Guides – So Should Residents, and this is Yours

City Living Guide is a unique online resource helping Toronto city residents or soon to be city residents to discover and experience what this city offers in terms of lifestyle, recreation, social, and business opportunities.

Today millennials, mid-life empty-nesters, and seniors are moving in droves around the world to live in cities just like Toronto for reasons that are personal…and not so personal.

Personally, city living is easy. You’re often closer to work, fresh food markets, theatres, art galleries, sports arenas, restaurants, parks and so many things that make life enjoyable.

But city living isn’t just about personal well-being, it’s about living in a way that’s good for our environment. The more we live in well built cities, the better we protect precious outlying green belts from urban sprawl.

This website is about helping you to access the kind of information that can make living in downtown Toronto a healthy and inspiring lifestyle choice for you, your family and your future.


My name is Sharon McMillan and I publish this site to help others like me explore and get the most out of city living!

We offer you information on:

Places to Live

Whether you live here and are looking for new digs, or you’re just starting to explore the option of moving to downtown Toronto, we’ll share insight on new condos, lovely old neighbourhoods and other great housing finds in the city.

Places to Eat

You will never run out of interesting, delicious, quirky, romantic, dramatic, comfortable, international, local places to eat in Toronto. We’ll help you find those places!

Active Living

Whether you’re looking for piano lessons or hot yoga, a baseball game or cooking classes, we’ll be keeping you abreast of the activities the residents of downtown Toronto want and need on a regular basis.

Art in the City

Toronto is a world centre for arts and culture and your only challenge will be in deciding what to do among all the galleries, museums, concerts, displays and other performances you have to choose from as a resident of Toronto.

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