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We’re doing the heavy work for you and sifting through all the noise to highlight new developments and interesting neighbourhoods you might want to explore for your next or first downtown Toronto home.

Having just come back from a trip to London (UK) I’m still in a bit of a love-haze with that city! We stayed in a lovely AirBnB flat in Notting Hill. I highly recommend you consider AirBnB your next (or first) stay in London by exploring the options they provide for a comfortable stay in […]

For some people (especially those of the younger set) there is simply no question that the divine lifestyle in Toronto begins and ends in the Entertainment District. In this week’s episode Michelle and Sharon take you to the area affectionately known as King West (King St. West) in the Entertainment District.

One of the trendiest if not most expensive neighbourhoods in Toronto is Yorkville, so of course Michelle and I decided to explore the allure and livability of this tourist and residential hotspot in the city. We started off gawking at the breathtaking architectural marvel of One Bloor St. East – a condo high rise […]

Where does downtown Toronto start and end? For many Torontonians the downtown core is where the city began and where the most iconic buildings that define the city are located. Think – CN Tower, Queen’s Park, the St. Lawrence Market, The Royal York Hotel… But in this era of rapid growth is the downtown […]

When people talk about the “great” cities of the world, what factors do you think they are referring to that make these cities great? When Sasaki Associates commissioned a study on this topic in 2014, among the top factors people used to rate a city as great or not were restaurants, food, local attractions, historic places and cultural […]

Cities, and Toronto in particular, are going through a fantastic renaissance.  Much of this renewed respect for cities has to do with the creative individuals who are attracted to downtown companies and thriving urban neighbourhoods.  Economist and urbanist Richard Florida talks a lot about this in his popular book, The Rise of the Creative Class. […]

Part of Toronto’s allure to residents is its distinct and wonderful city neighbourhoods located on the east and west sides of the city’s core. As downtown Toronto continues to grow faster than any other part of the GTA, it’s a good time to examine what we love so much about this city from the perspective […]

Downtown Toronto is a city that thousands of people are moving to each year. If you’ve ever wondered why consider this: fatigue, boredom, overwhelm, ill-health and stress are too often the result of: -long commutes to work -stationary lifestyles that are heavily dependent on vehicular travel, and -limited options for local entertainment or recreational activities […]

  The picture at the top of this post is an artist’s conception. It will be a reality by 2018, something I just learned as I was walking down Lower Jarvis, before being stopped in my tracks by this sign. “Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts“. How brilliant!  Downtown Toronto is exploding with new […]

It’s worth taking a moment to really visually take in the unique aspects of the city. Sure there are countless new condo developments which don’t appear to be overly unique. But there are also quaint, old courtyards and homes in neighbourhoods like King St. East, and Corktown. In these areas you can find some of […]

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