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In this week’s episode Michelle and Sharon talk about changes to their design and living preferences brought about by the moves they both made from a house to the more streamlined spaces of loft and condo living in the city.

Sharon’s new streamlined Ethan Allen sofa for the condo. What worked design-wise in a […]

Residents of Toronto may have a love/hate relationship with their streetcars when in a rush, but a TTC streetcar is actually an enjoyable, leisurely way to travel when you’re in the mood to explore historic neighbourhoods like Toronto’s Little Italy. In this week’s episode we take you on that pleasurable ride to Toronto’s culturally rich […]

When it comes to getting fit in a focused, healthy and timely way personal training is the way to go and one of Toronto’s top personal training studios is in the Canary District and it’s called Think Fitness Studios. ¬†Kevin Thorne, general manager and personal trainer at Think Fitness is actually helping Michelle with her […]

One of the best ways to see the city of Toronto is on a TTC Streetcar. In this episode Michelle and Sharon discuss city highlights and personal experiences as they wind through some of the city’s and country’s most iconic neighbourhoods via the King St. streetcar.

How is the job market in Toronto affecting millennials and what lifestyle decisions are they making because of it? What about those generations a little further along – how is today’s economy and changing notions about well-being affecting the choices people make about lifestyle and future retirement plans? Michelle and Sharon sit down in Toronto’s […]

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